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Creative writing club

In our creative writing sessions on Tuesday lunchtimes, we have been reading excerpts from "Our Castle by the Sea" by Lucy Strange. The book tells the story of Pet, who is living in a lighthouse with her family at the start of the Second World War.

Together we wrote a setting description inspired by the first 2 chapters. Today we have imagined how Pet was feeling as she heard the aircraft overhead and was carried to the cellar by her father.


On the chalky-white cliffs, there stood a towering lighthouse, guarding the sea and guiding the ships into the busy harbour. In the distance, you could hear the waves clashing into the razor-sharp, protruding rocks, which stood like sentinels. Wherever you set your eyes, tall trees with dark emerald-green leaves swayed in the whistling wind.

Gently the wind blew against the girls’ faces, as they lay on the moist, itchy grass. The gigantic waves crashed against rough rocks which poked their noses out of the creamy froth. The two girls stared in awe as the clear waves crashed into the vast white cliffs of Dover. One girl silently gazed at the clear blue sky above her.

- - -


Silently, I opened the door. Creek! With trepidation, I took my first step into the disused cellar and a cold shiver ran down my spine. As I descended into the depth of the dusty room, I stumbled with hesitation. I felt as if an earthquake had erupted a volcano, burning whoever challenged it. I thought nervously about how long I would have to stay in here if the war became more brutal. I closed my eyes and imagined how I would feel in this musty dark place.

- - -


I stared at the blue sky above me. Suddenly, Pa picked me up and slung me over his shoulder. I was feeling a bit pathetic really because I was just hanging there upside-down. Barely breathing, I heard rumbling of a plane above me. What was happening?

“Come on Pet, we need to get inside!”


Well done to Lucas, Charlotte, Natalie, Shresha, Aimar, Naqiya, Lyla, Meera, Dunja, Ottie, Enoch, Rohitha, Ruchitha, Eve and Amelie for such incredible writing.