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Traffic observations outside Loughton School

We have notified parents several times this half term about the inconsiderate parking outside school during drop off and pick up times.

On Thursday afternoon our senior leadership team met with our local PCSO and four traffic wardens to discuss these traffic issues and, as they were leaving, we observed together the absolute chaos which unfolded.

Unfortunately, during our observations, we witnessed two road traffic accidents and several accounts of parents stopping in the middle of the road on cross hatchings to collect their children. This caused huge congestion. We also disappointingly witnessed abuse from a parent towards one of the traffic wardens.

The PCSO and our traffic wardens will be returning to our school after half term and any parent ‘parked’ illegally (this includes whilst remaining in the car) will receive a ticket.

A huge thank you to all the parents who stopped to talk to us and give their support and suggestions. We certainly have a lot of ideas to speak with our JRSOs about next half term. Please continue to be considerate road users and promote the safety of our children.