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Autumn term family open day (enterprise)

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and other family members who joined our children today for the first of this year's family open days.

The theme of this term's family open day was enterprise. The different year groups chose to make a variety of Christmas themed products such as wrapping paper and gift tags, hot chocolate reindeer, melting snowman biscuits and snowman stress balls. In the run-up to today's events, the children learned about money including profit and loss.

The items made during the day went on sale to family members for them to purchase for £2 or less and take home with them. This generated £378 profit after deducting the cost of materials. The profit made by each year group will be shared amongst their classes and the children will get to choose how to spend this money.

Profit made:

Year 3 - £88.99
Year 4 - £111.93
Year 5 - £105.77
Year 6 - £71.32