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Children at creative writing club get work published!

We are pleased to announce that 5 of our Creative Writers have had their mini sagas accepted for publication by "Young Writers" following a competition which we entered in December.

The 100-word sagas were written by Charlotte, Dunja, Eve, Natalie and Ruchitha.


Many thanks to Mrs Solloway for running the club and submitting their entries.

As I opened the spaceship door, I saw an orangutan ambling along a bridge made out of green and brown vines. Suddenly, I felt the blazing hot sun scorch my neck and face. I placed my foot on what I thought was grass but it wasn’t what I thought it was: it was a den of snakes. To be more precise, pythons. I tried to escape but they were determined not to let go. Then darkness. I don’t remember being picked up or walking anywhere. “Cut!” shouted the stage manager, “Lunch today is pizza. Good job everybody!”



I stood there paralysed. My whiskers quivered as my worst enemy asked me for a dance. We were at a ball in Georgian times. This was my chance to get near him and finally make the McWhisker family disappear. Our families were the worst enemies there could ever be. But we were taking a gigantic step.  I had built a time machine and was preparing to make the McWhisker family vanish. I had chosen killing his ancestors. How rude of me not to introduce myself. I am a princess from the Twirlfor family. I am on a very important mission.



In Godly Galaxy (not-so-far away), Atlantia and her parents Carregia and Tengo rested on a cloud-sofa. Atlantia dreamed of being an investigative agent. Her friend, Nakiana had stayed in her house with a babysitter called Cedronia which Atlantia thought would waste Nakiana’s godly powers. Atlantia went out into the street. Hours passed and finally Nakiana was allowed out of her home. They entered a shop called “Magasin du Monde Violet” (shop of purple worlds) and saw the shopkeeper on the floor, a long silver-blue strand of hair and seven splodges of red liquid: Blood! What in Godly Galaxy had happened?



When I came home, I (out of habit) threw my bag onto the sofa. I had dragged my body home from school and needed to rest. I had just reached my room, when I heard a noise coming from our refurnished attic. Being the curious child, I went to explore. When the attic door opened, to my surprise was a girl. The girl beckoned me to follow her through a door, so I did. But to my horror, after she had led me through the door, I realised that she had led me to the afterlife and was a ghost.



It was the night of Halloween; I stepped out of my warm home. In my left hand, I bore a bag for my sweets to go in and in my right was my white sheet. I was dressing up as a ghost for Halloween. I knew which house to go to: the haunted one. I looked at it towering above me. According to my friends, if you managed to get in, you were not scared of anything. As I placed my toe on the stepping stone, I noticed the water was blood. Suddenly, a hand grabbed me. I’d gone forever.