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Choir visit the Young Voices concert in Birmingham

Young Voices this year was amazing! We had so much fun practicing for this fantastic, memorable day.

When we first arrived, we were greeted with a huge room called the world resorts in Birmingham. We sat down in a circle and ate our lunch. Some people didn't fit in the circle of schools so they sat in the middle. After we ate, we were instructed to go to the enormous, stadium with seats instead of a pitch, for our rehearsal. This part was a bit boring.

After that, we had our dinner and then it was the event we had all been waiting for...

We entered the stadium again and watched the parents start to pile in. We were getting very excited. We all tried spotting our parents and most people did find them! Before we knew it, all 6636 children from schools all over England singing their hearts out beautifully.

Celebrities like superstar Tony Hadley and X factor winner Ruty sang on stage with the young voices choir. Everyone in our LS choir would absolutely love to experience the Young Voices concert again.

By Eva J