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Rockstar dress up day

To celebrate the end of maths week and our times table rockstar competition, all children and staff were invited to dress up as rockstars on Friday 13 November. This day also coincided with Children in Need so we invited donations to be bought in for the charity and raised over £230! Well done to everyone who joined in - you rock!

The results are now in. Congratulations to Loughton School who came 13th overall in the whole of the UK!

Class winners:

  • 1st place HB16
  • 2nd place HB15
  • 3rd place HB10 

Individual school winners: 

  • Kalyan HB16
  • Harshana HB15
  • Prissni HB2

Class children top three in numerical order: 

  • HB1: Aziz, James, Kedhar
  • HB2: Prissni, Zachary, Ochineme
  • HB3: Olivia, Rafay, Jonas
  • HB4: Tanya, Aakash, Aarav
  • HB5: Sanchna, Isaac, Rajkumar
  • HB6: Laxmi, Luxy, Aurva
  • HB7: Kayla, Eleanor, Crispy
  • HB8: Hanishgan, Ashrita, Kabir
  • 9 3/4: Lukas, Robert Alfie 
  • HB9: Gauri, Preetika, Preet
  • HB10: Liam, Brianna, Ben S
  • HB11: Loukas, Lily, Zara
  • HB12: Kerry-Anne, Franco, Abigail
  • HB13: Vithushi, Jensen, Lucas
  • HB14: Lennon, Tymoteusz, Imogen
  • HB15: Harshana, Saajan, Shalome
  • HB16: Kalyan, Akshaja, Lacey 
  • 6X: Hagan, Danny C and Daniel P


Check out some of our rockstar costumes below!