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Take One Book week

Welcome back to a new school year!

Once again we have launched back into the autumn term with our 'Take One Book' week. Each class across the school have spent the week on activities all related to one book as well as learning all the rules and routines of a new year group. The highlight for children and staff alike has been mixing once again as a wider year group at assembly, play and lunchtimes.

Ask your children a bit about the book they have been studying. These are listed below:

Year 3: 

HB1: A Knight Named Clover

HB2: Simon Sock

HB3: A Knight Named Clover

HB4: The Black Rock. 

In year 3 it has been fantastic to see the children start in a new school and being happy and engaged with this week’s learning.  The children have been introduced to our Power maths books, and they have been heard read by an adult. All in all a wonderful start to the school year!


Year 4: 

HB5: Ocean meets Sky

HB6: The Gardener

HB7: The Legend of Podkin One-Ear

HB8: Jojo and the Food Fight

Mrs Wilmshurst chose “Ocean meets Sky” by the Fan brothers and the children have explored the story in depth and written some interesting dialogues showing how the characters interact with each other. It was lovely to see the paper boats which they created and decorated on Wednesday afternoon. 

HB6 have been sharing their ideas for perfect gardens and learning about what life might have been like in the USA during the great depression. “The Gardener” by Sarah Stewart and David Small is a collection of letters from Lydia as she transforms her uncle’s bakery into a garden. Each table created their own garden from a cardboard box and a selection of craft materials.

Mr Whyman and HB7 have begun to read “The Legend of Podkin One-Ear” by Kieran Larwood. I know the children loved learning about how an author creates a new world when they begin to write a book and they have drawn their own maps and designed rabbit characters to fit in with the story. They have begun to put together a series of fantastic descriptive sentences in their writing lessons.

Mrs Ruggles chose “Jojo and the Food Fight” for her lessons this week which have explored the equalities of friendship and enabled the children to dust off their pens and get stuck into some story writing. They have examined atlases and learned where food comes from and I know that they are looking forward to some tasting to finish on Friday.


Year 5: 

HB9: Oh the places you will go - Dr Seuss

HB10: Dear Teacher - Amy Husband

HB11: Dear Teacher - Amy Husband

HB12: James and the Giant Peach - Roald Dahl

Year 5 have been up to lots of fun this week across the classes in year 5 including balloon art, thinking about excuses for missing school, testing parachutes, creating blown up insect drawings and researching the Empire State Building.


Year 6: 

HB13: The Rooftoppers – Katherine Rundell

HB14: Cogheart - Peter Bunzl

HB15: The Mozart Question – Michael Morpurgo

HB16: Orphans of the Tide – Struan Murray

Year 6 children have settled well into the new term. They are keen to learn, motivated and ready for the next challenge.