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Loughton's star awards for Autumn 2

Today we hosted our re-arranged star awards for Autumn 2! This was to celebrate those children who consistently demonstrated one of our 5 star values throughout the half term: resilient, respectful, creative, indepdent or inspiring.

Congratulations to the following children who were celebrated:

HB1: Aishna, Aavish, Blake, Ulyana, Ella

HB2: Daniel, Lilly, Heva, Ananya, Elias

HB3: Beren, Taylor, Ezzadine, Khloe, Maryin

HB4: Khadiija, Ela J, Kelly, Jonathan, Neve

HB5: Millie, Gabi, Ava, Pragathi, Ilane

HB6: Zaid, Sam, Sapphire, Aashvi, Jamie

HB7: Tiasha, Brody, Ethan, Willow, Jess

HB8: Lucy, Neriah, Oliver, Nicola, Isabella

HB9: Jenson, Olivia, Tiya-Tallulah, Zach, Elliott

HB10: Lacey, Sophie, Aaron, Ali, Madiha

HB11: Lara, Lexia, Abbie, Maisie, Lucy

HB12: Pixie-Willow, Aziz, Sofia, Gabby, Sophie

HB13: Liyara, Paul, Will, Jess, Lauren

HB14: Charlie, Casey-Ray, Joe C, Catherine, Aeris

HB15: Nithursha, Eleanor, Nawal, Ru, Joseph

HB16: Alexa, Tammy, Lucy, Zainab, Isaac

Invited parents/carers are warmly welcome to join our next star awards assembly which takes place on Friday 3 February (am).