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Instrumental celebration festival


On Monday 19 June, 28 brave children performed a piece of music on their chosen instrument at the Ridgeway centre in front of an audience of over 100 people.

Well done to everyone involved!

Please enjoy watching this video of the performances:


Aimee – violin                  Helen – violin                   James – cello                    Steve – guitar                   Malcolm - brass

Poppy   HB16                    Tammy HB16                    Alexa     HB16                    Rishika HB15                    Rayan    HB11

Jovetta  HB15                    Zainab   HB16                    Izabella HB16                    Ashmi    HB14                    Lacey     HB10

Rhema  HB8                       Aila        HB11                    Joseph   HB14                                                                 Chloe     HB9

Ire          HB10                    Stella     HB10                    Lucy       HB8                                                                    Alex       HB7

Julia       HB8                                                                    Jacob     HB7                                                                    Tate       HB1

Aashvi   HB6                                                                    Olivia     HB12                                                                 Evan      HB3

Vasu      JB11                                                                   Brielle    HB2                                                                    William HB4

David     HB6                                                                   

James    HB6