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Quiddich days

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, witches and wizards, professors, house elves and 'You Know Who' filled the classrooms of Loughton School!

The day began with a sorting hat ceremony in the hall. The hat selected four children to represent their Loughton School house and the children were sorted then in to the four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

The children had the opportunity to earn points for their team on the Quidditch pitch and in the classroom. Each class had a quidditch session throughout the day: the chasers shot in to the quidditch hoops defended by the keepers. The beaters tried to stop them with their bludgers all around the pitch.  The speedy golden snitch (the teachers) appeared at the end of the game and the seekers worked hard to catch them! All children worked hard throughout their session and learnt the rules of muggles Quidditch.


Children received awards at the end of the day, the best keepers, seekers, beaters, chasers were recognised, and the house cup was rewarded to the top scoring house. The coaches for the day were fantastic and all children were involved throughout the day.