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Maths enrichment

Yesterday we had our first maths enrichment activity with some of the children across the school. We looked at the displacement of fluid.

All of the children were introduced to the new word ‘displaced’ and were set a challenge to find the heaviest object they could find without the water spilling out of the jug. The children had to record how much the water was displaced by finding the difference between the new amount and starting amount. 

The children made lots of predictions and thought that the heavier the object, the more the water would be displaced. Later they had to think even further as they realised the tin of soup displaced the water the most and weighed less than a 1kg weight. They then began to think deeper about perhaps surface area being a factor as well and set about to prove or disprove this conjecture. 

We were able to use our school grounds and be mathematicians outside of the classroom. We were very proud of all the children and hope they had as much fun as we did. 


Mrs McNeaney and Mrs Woodards 

Maths team