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Writing Enrichment

Today, some of the school's creative writers joined together to write advertising poetry based on the Walkers' Quavers packet rhyme.   

After tasting the Quavers, we compared what we saw, felt and tasted with the rhyme to see if it was true. Then, we dived into a bar of Cadbury's Marvellous Creations chocolate to see if we could write our own advertisements.   I was so impressed by the enthusiasm of all the children and how many amazing words they came up with in a short amount of time. The year 3 & 4 children wrote this rhyme together:

Ever so tasty,

Ever so crunchy,

Ever so poppy,

Ever so chewy, 

While it tingles on your tongue,

what surprise is hiding inside the shiny purple wrapper? 

Chewy raisins, squishy jellies, colourful candies. 

Let it tingle and tangle, melt and make your tastebuds feel marvellous! 

Well done to Aarav, Josef, Elliott, Mason, Shreenavyaa, Iris, Tommy and Blake.  

Emmy, Damian, Ollie and Oliver wrote this version together:

Ever so wondrous,

Ever so satisfying, 

Melting creamy chocolatey delight. 

Find the crunchy treasure jar inside the chocolate bar. 

Like a massage in your mouth, the secret tempo of pops tickles your tongue. 

The amazing aftertaste will always be there, coating your mouth with delight. 

And finally the year 6 team of Ire, Lara, Rigsby and Junior came up with this fabulous version:

Ever so exciting,

Ever so enticing,

Under this shiny purple wrapper is something that will feel like a firework show in your mouth.  

If you just try one sticky, sensational square then you’ll understand what fun is as it melts on your tongue. 

You’ll experience the delightful cobbled chocolate with mysterious chewy and tangy gems hidden beneath its creamy surface. 

It was an absolute pleasure working with all these children this afternoon, having a lot of fun while exploring the wonders of chocolate and of course the English language!

Mrs Solloway