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DT/STEM enrichment

Recently, a selection of children were chosen from across the school to participate in a design technology enrichment in which they had to work collaboratively in small groups to design and create a bridge which  spanned a distance of 30cm, was wide enough for a (toy) car to cross and was sturdy enough to hold the most weight. 

The activity was loud and messy but it was lovely seeing the children interacting across year groups, listening to the discussions and justifications of their designs and watching them support each other to create a successful structure.  Lots of fun was had!


Thank you to the children who joined this enrichment activity for getting involved:

Year 3: Zane, Joshua, Jakub and Owen
Year 4: Alex, Zayaan, Beren and Harrison
Year 5: Archie, Romain, Charlie and Tony
Year 6: Zach, James, Alvin and Jenson