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Writing Enrichment

Have you been swept up in the flurry of excitement which has followed the publication of Matt Goodfellow's new book - The Final Year? 

Today as part of our writing enrichment afternoon, 16 children from across the school found out more and we looked at how the author has chosen to write his latest bestseller in verse. Hoping to capture some enthusiasm, imagination and creativity whilst digging deep, we thought about what makes us unique and what we love to do. The children then had a go at producing verse in the same style as Nate, the main character in the story - short sentences, rhyme, picking out the main thoughts and feelings.

Well done to Aroush, Jyotsana, Ivy, Navya, Elias, Manal, Aiden, Shwetha, Julia, Elizabeth, Alice, Jess, Ire, Jonas, Aaron & Prissni. I was so impressed by your work this afternoon. 

Mrs Solloway