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Writing Enrichment

On the last day of school, a select group of our amazing writers met in the library to complete a task set by Mrs Green and Mrs Solloway: to write a letter to the year two children at the local first schools to let them know about the wonderful welcome they can expect when they come to us in the autumn term. 

We were blown away by the incredible vocabulary and positivity which came from the children.  It is clear how proud they are of our school and they really understood how the new year threes might be feeling.  They showed how well they can structure a letter and also how well they can work in mixed groups, with the older children supporting the younger ones and listening to each other's ideas so that everyone felt included. 

A special mention goes to Tony from year 5, who came up with some fantastic ideas. We would also like to thank Karen Farrell, one of our school governors, for joining us and supporting the children with the activity.  

Click on the photo links below to see the product of our afternoon's work.