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Year 6 SATs - letter from Mr George

At the end of SATs week, some thoughts from Mr George to the Year 6 children.

Dear Year 6,

Well done on reaching the end of Key Stage 2 SATs week. It has been a long and tiring time, but all of the staff have been amazed by your good humour, high spirits and amazing work ethic.

I know that exams can lead a lot of children (and their parents and teachers) to become extremely anxious. But let’s just have a quick look at what the SATs have been: 4 days, 6 ‘papers’, just over 3 hours in total, and a lot of pencil lead. This is all out of 4 amazing years at the school - 760 school days if you were here for every one of them.

The staff have been so proud of all of you, our Year 6 children. You have tried your very hardest, put all of your energy into striving to do your best, and gained some incredible achievements, No-one, anywhere, could have asked any more of you, our wonderful children.

In a few months, all memories from these SATs for you will have faded away. We have the amazing Year 6 fun for the end of term , including the production and more. The stress and anxiety which some people felt will very quickly fade into insignificance. But the Loughton experience, that time of being with us, will remain.

SATs are just one part of being a pupil at Loughton. SATs do not test inquisitiveness, thirst for knowledge, history, geography, foreign languages, RE, D&T, drama, music, art, dance or sport. All of these aspects are important to us at Loughton. SATs do not test friendship, resilience, manners, tolerance, taking part or trying new things. All of these aspects are important to us as Loughton as well. We know that even more important to all of us are the friends and staff we have learnt alongside, and the bright stars that all of you will become. We hope that you continue to shine, and wish all of you, from all our hearts, the very best for the future.

Well done Year 6, you have made us very proud.

Very best wishes


Andy George