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Loughton School

Loughton School

Strings Festival 2018

On the morning of Monday 26 February, nine children from Year 6 represented the school in the strings section at the 'Primary Schools Instrumental Festival 2018' at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone.

The children were delighted to have been chosen to perform and all approached the competition with enthusiasm and excitement. 

First to perform were Loughton A, a duo of cellists, Amélie H and Alex Y.  Despite having to cut short their practice time, they performed 'Banyan Tree' with confidence and professionalism. 

“Going in I felt quite nervous as we were told to go on and didn’t really have any time to practise.  Once we’d played I felt really proud of myself.” (Amélie)

“We got sent on early but it was quite a relief!” (Alex)

Shortly afterwards, it was Loughton B's turn, another cello group, this time a trio consisting of Nelly R, Freya K and Enzo V.  They performed an enchanting rendition of an African Lullaby, 'Soualle’.  

“I was very excited.  We played well and it sounded lovely.” (Enzo)

Last to perform in the small groups section was Loughton C, a violin quartet, Serena A, Sarah D, Hanul P and Demi O.  They played John Ryan's 'Polka' beautifully.

“I felt nervous at first but as I was going through the piece on stage I felt more confident and relaxed.” (Hanul)

After a short break, it was time for the larger group ensembles to perform.  Loughton D's group of cellists (Amelie, Alex, Nelly, Freya and Enzo) played Canon in A minor.  The children all agreed that they felt more confident playing the second time around!

“When the five cellos played, everyone was more confident since we had all already played in the first half and I made no mistakes!” (Nelly)

After a small interlude, the results were announced... Loughton B and Loughton C groups were thrilled to find they had shared the silver award as the judges had been unable to choose between them! More delights followed, when it was announced that Loughton D had received bronze in the large ensembles category, meaning that all of the children received an award!  Each child received a certificate and the trophies awarded to each group will be displayed in school reception. 

“I felt really proud because last year my group received a bronze award and this time we progressed to silver.  I thought the other groups were very good.  I felt uplifted by my friends around me.” (Freya)

“I feel chuffed and very pleased with what we achieved.  It was an honour to receive a silver trophy.” (Sarah)

“I thought we did well and I was really pleased we got to share the silver award between the cellos and violins.” (Demi)

“I enjoyed it a lot and afterwards I felt really happy that we got a silver trophy.” (Serena)

As always, Loughton children represented the school and themselves admirably, listening intently to the other schools and each other, applauding in all the right places and generally being a great audience!  We are very proud of all the children who took part and are thrilled that they are all invited to return to perform on Wednesday evening. Huge thanks to their music teachers Euan Forrester, Sue Wakely, Helen and Helen Day.