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Take One Book Week

This week, year 5 have been...

This week has been Take One Book Week across the school and each class in year 5 have been reading a different book and carrying out a range of activities based upon them.

HB12 have been reading Julia and the Shark by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, they have learnt all about Greenland sharks, including how long they are (a massive 7m) they then measured this out and drew a 7m long Greenland shark in chalk on the playground. They also wrote some wonderful poems about the Greenland Shark.

 HB11 have been  looking at the work and the life of Dr Seuss. Using this book to inspire onomatopoeic words and nonsense words to describe feelings and situations as well as finding out about this multi-national genius who really did have a PhD!

HB10 have been looking at the Lorax. They have learnt about why trees are so important, enjoyed some fun art projects (including designing their own Dr Seuss inspired buildings) and learnt to write and perform their own poems inspired by Dr Seuss.

In HB9, they have been reading The Gift of Dark Hollow and they have been designing their own characters - warriors, wizards, bard, and maidens in a trading card format. They have also had a go at some cartography and have been creating their own fantasy map. 

It has been a wonderful first week back for Year 5.