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Planetarium visit

Year 5’s ‘Earth and space’ theme got off to an exciting start with the visit of a travelling planetarium.  Our curiosity was raised by the unfamiliar looking done-like structure in the hall…

Once inside the planetarium, each class had the chance to further our knowledge about the Earth, the moon, our galaxy and planets.  During each HB’s hour visit, fascinating facts came thick and fast!  For example, did you know that it would take 6000 years to visit the star closest to the sun in the fastest rocket ever made?

Did you know that the 1.3 million planer Earths could fit inside the sun?

Did you know that Saturn has 146 moons?

Later on this week, year 5 will be designing their own planet that could be habitable by humans and so it was useful to hear again some of the features needed to support life (we refer to it as ‘The Goldilocks zone’, where the gases in the air, temperature and amount of water need to be just right!).

We also enjoyed watching the video clips of the recent NASA Artemis missions to the moon.  There may be some budding astronauts amongst us!

Everyone had a great time and all agreed that their space knowledge had increased.  Freya (HB11) said: “it is a space sanctuary for children.”  Isabella BR (HB11) commented, “my favourite part was learning about the planets.”