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Year 6 Blog 2019/20

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  • Zoolab visit

    Published 28/01/20

    Although year 6 met lots of creatures including a gecko, millipede, cockroach and spider during their Zoolab visit, Kahn the snake was definitely star of the show. Even Mrs Solloway held the snake!

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  • Bletchley Park

    Published 25/11/19

    On Monday 25 November, year 6 visited Bletchley Park as a site of local heritage to enhance their learning about WWII. 

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  • WWII dance workshop

    Published 18/10/19

    On Friday 18th October, we took part in a wonderful dance workshop where all classes in the year group were taught a dance relating to World War II.

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  • Youth SACRE meeting

    Published 10/10/19

    Each half term, a group of year 6 children visits Denbigh school with several other local junior and primary schools with the aim to build a bridge of co-operation between young people of all faith and non-faith backgrounds.

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  • Year 6 on the brexit debate!

    Published 04/10/19

    Five brave Year 6 children tried their hand at debating for the first time in front of an audience of prospective parents. 

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  • Kingswood

    Published 30/09/19

    The children on this residential were truly inspiring. 

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