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Year 6 Blog 2023/24

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  • Biomes

    Published 01/03/24

    Year 6 have been busy researching different biomes and where they can be located across the world.  They have found lots of fun facts about each biome. 

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  • Eye of the Tiger/Zoo game

    Published 16/02/24

    This week, the children have found more time to put their learning into practice in new and fun ways.

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  • Classification and Glockenspiel Fun in Class!

    Published 09/02/24

    It's been great to see the children enjoying some practical fun this week in their science and music. lessons. 

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  • Quest!

    Published 02/02/24

    Exploring the story of 'Quest'...

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  • Zoolab comes to Year 6!

    Published 26/01/24

    We were so pleased that all the children were able to experience the Zoolab workshop on Wednesday. Our Young Voices singers even managed to squeeze it in before they headed off to Birmingham for their amazing experience. 

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  • Super selfies and science investigations!

    Published 19/01/24

    Year 6 have had a great week learning about Darwin's finches and exploring different beaks in science. In art, they have become superheroes with their 'super selfies' drawings!

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  • Moths and other news!

    Published 12/01/24

    "This is a story of light and dark.

    Of change and adaptation,

    of survival and hope.

    It starts with a little moth.”

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  • Christmas Week!

    Published 21/12/23

    It's been a busy final week of term here in year 6. 

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  • It's Christmas!

    Published 15/12/23

    It is Christmas time once again here at Loughton School and we are in full swing of celebrations in year 6. 

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  • Learning about Islam and new art skills

    Published 07/12/23

    This week sees the beginning of our Religious Education theme leading up to Christmas. 

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  • WW2 tanks continued AND Spitfires

    Published 01/12/23

    What a week!  This week, the students in year 6 continued with their World War Two tank project.  They finished making their bases and designed and constructed the main body and cannon of their tank.  

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  • New DT Project - WW2 Tanks

    Published 24/11/23

    This week, the children have started our latest Design Technology project which involves them working in groups of three to design and construct a WW2 tank which can propel a projectile the size of a marble using pneumatics. 

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