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Year 6 Blog 2023/24

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  • New DT Project - WW2 Tanks

    Published 24/11/23

    This week, the children have started our latest Design Technology project which involves them working in groups of three to design and construct a WW2 tank which can propel a projectile the size of a marble using pneumatics. 

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  • Secret war diaries...

    Published 17/11/23

    Diary of an evacuee!

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  • World War Two - bread pudding & the Berlin Wall

    Published 10/11/23

    During World War Two, food was rationed and people had to take advantage of the ingredients they had in their households and ensure nothing went to waste.  In year 6, we used ingredients that would have been available at the time to produce some delicious Bread Pudding.  The children worked collectively, in teams of 15, to organise and share out the different jobs and roles needed to complete the task. They had a fantastic time getting their hands dirty!

    It was great to see the children working together and many clearly enjoyed the fruits of their labour and have given us their verdict!

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  • Evacuation and self-defence!

    Published 03/11/23

    Evacuation and... self-defence!

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  • Bletchley Park

    Published 18/10/23

    Year six had a brilliant day out at Bletchley Park today. 

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  • A creative week in year 6!

    Published 13/10/23

    The children have had plenty of chance to explore their creative side this week in science and dance. 

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  • Lighthouses

    Published 06/10/23

    This week, year 6 have had the opportunity to show their creative side.

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  • Welcome to ancient Egypt!

    Published 29/09/23
    The year 6 children remaining at Loughton School participated in a fun-filled and creative week learning all about ancient Egypt. They delved into learning about the concept of life after death and the mummification process.  They enjoye
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  • Dunkirk and lighthouse making!

    Published 22/09/23

    This week in theme, the children in year 6 have been learning all about Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of Dunkirk, and discussing whether it was a triumph or defeat. They have also been starting to create their lighthouses for their topic of electricity and light.

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  • How did World War Two start?

    Published 15/09/23
    This week, we have been so impressed by the children's enthusiasm and desire to learn about World War Two both in their English and theme lessons.  The children can now list the major allied and axis powers involved in the war as well as the
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  • Take One Book week

    Published 08/09/23

    The year six children have started their year six journey this week with some excellent behaviour and hard work going on in all four classes.  There has also been some time to enjoy sharing their teachers' favourite books and taking part in an assortment of activities related to the stories. 

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