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Welcome to ancient Egypt!

The year 6 children remaining at Loughton School participated in a fun-filled and creative week learning all about ancient Egypt.

They delved into learning about the concept of life after death and the mummification process.  They enjoyed making their own death mask which ancient Egyptians believed would strengthen the spirit of the dead person and protect its souls from evil spirits.

The ancient Egyptians associated scarab beetles with the god, Khepri – a sun god who was thought to roll the sun over the horizon each day.  The children had fun getting their hands dirty and making salt dough scarab beetles.  It was wonderful to see them demonstrate high levels of resilience and teamwork.

They learnt how to read and write hieroglyphics and recorded their name on their own cartouche. 

Great fun was had by all when they learnt to play an ancient Egyptian game called Senet where the competitive nature of many individuals came to light!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable week and the children’s enthusiasm towards the topic was infectious.