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A creative week in year 6!

The children have had plenty of chance to explore their creative side this week in science and dance. 

In science, the children have been exploring how light travels through making periscopes. They were set the challenge of making a periscope and explaining how it works using their knowledge of light travelling in straight lines. The children loved looking through the periscopes and seeing things outside their field of vision! We talked about how periscopes would have been used in World War Two in submarines and down in the trenches. 

On Wednesday, the children were treated to a dance workshop. Our coach, Rebecca, taught each class a different dance from the early 1900s: charleston, jitterbug, lindyhop and ragtime. Despite the short introduction and limited time to practice, the children really gave it their all and the performance at the end of the day was a vision of smiling faces and enthusiastic dance moves.