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Bletchley Park

Year six had a brilliant day out at Bletchley Park today. 

Today's trip was enjoyed by all the children and staff. Each class was treated to a workshop which introduced morse code, ciphers and how they were used during the Second World War. The children worked really well in their groups and loved working out what the codes were saying. Our tutor then demonstrated on the interactive board how this would have impacted the course of the war. The tutor explained how the rotors worked on the enigma machine and how the letters connected to each other inside it.  The children were able to see the links she made to our recent science learning also. 

As well as the workshop, we all had time to explore the huts, including hut 6 where Miss Hearne's grandad worked as a translator, the mansion and the new displays in Block B "The intelligence factory".  Some of the groups also had the chance to visit the D-Day cinematic film experience.

We would like to remind all our families that children under 12 can visit Bletchley Park free of charge when accompanied by an adult and that Milton Keynes' residents receive a discount. There was so much that we weren't able to see today so it would be great if the children had the chance to visit again.