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Evacuation and self-defence!

Evacuation and... self-defence!

This week, year 6 have been learning all about evacuation during World War Two. They have been working in groups to consider the positives and negatives of evacuation. During their history lesson, they produced a chart of pros and cons which we then discussed as a class. Next week, the children will be using all of their evacuation knowledge to create an informative double-page spread so stay tuned...

In other news, the children have enjoyed learning self-defence this week in PE! So far, they have learned the correct stance and have taken turns being the aggressor and defender through controlled movement. They also enjoyed learning the technique of a 'straight punch'. All of the children understand that self-defence would only be used in very rare, dangerous circumstances in order to protect ourselves outside of school. We were impressed with how maturely they followed the movements and joined in with enthusiasm.