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WW2 tanks continued AND Spitfires

What a week!  This week, the students in year 6 continued with their World War Two tank project.  They finished making their bases and designed and constructed the main body and cannon of their tank.  

It was lovely to feel the buzz of excitement throughout the year group and observe the students demonstrating a good team spirit and using their problem-solving skills.  Some classes have had the opportunity to test their tank and prove whether they fulfilled the design brief by being able to fire a marble sized projectile at least the length of a 30cm ruler!  Great fun was had.

When we asked the children what they enjoyed most about this topic, we got a wide range of answers. They loved having the chance to work with their friends to design something and so many of them enjoyed having the independence to think "outside the box".  We gave them plenty of opportunity to use a variety of tools and "craft cool things!". 

The highlight for us as teachers was definitely watching the children manage their mistakes and learn how to put them right.

Also, this week in art, a huge, new display was created, showcasing a superb squadron of spitfires.  The children worked hard to shape these aeroplanes, using lollipop sticks and tinfoil for the frame and modroc for the outside.  They then painted them in camouflage patterns before adding a shiny top-coat.  We think they look amazing.  Well done, Year 6!