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It's Christmas!

It is Christmas time once again here at Loughton School and we are in full swing of celebrations in year 6. 

Our yearly traditions of the Christmas window and Christingle making has happened and the children have fully immersed themselves in these creative activities. The children and staff have enjoyed the spirit of Christmas while deciding which movie themed window they wanted to create. The movies picked have been, The Snowman, Home Alone, The Grinch and The Nutcracker. Cutting, sticking and gluing has taken over the classroom and it has been a pleasure to see the outcome of their creations.

Each class was then given the opportunity to make their yearly Christingle. This started with an assembly by Bridgebuilder in which the children were taught about the meaning of Christingle and what each part represents. The afternoon was then filled with cocktails sticks and sweets as the children put their Christingle’s together. We hope that you enjoyed your child bringing these home and lighting the candle.

We were also very privileged this week to have a visit from Janet Mulley who talked about her families’ journey across the world to settle in the UK.  Her stories were moving and related to the learning this term.  She also spoke to the children about the festival of light: “Hanukkah”.  She brought with her a menorah and talked about how it was lit daily and the importance of it being lit.  Our visitors, over the past couple of weeks, have helped the children deepen their understanding and make links between the different religions.