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Moths and other news!

"This is a story of light and dark.

Of change and adaptation,

of survival and hope.

It starts with a little moth.”

This week, the children have been writing their own poetry for the class sentence stacks inspired by the adaptation of moths over centuries. They have been creating banks of words and using them in imaginative ways to tell a story. We have been very impressed by the maturity of the ideas and some of the independent work in lessons has been of a very high standard indeed. See below for the classroom displays. 

During this term, the children will have the opportunity to learn more about evolution and inheritance. This will include the adaptation of various species over millions of years to suit the environment they live in. This week, the children took part in an experiment where they became investigative scientists and explored the theories of Charles Darwin. Looking at the theory of the Galapagos finches and the varying sizes of their beaks, each class put this theory to the test using various materials. The children enjoyed completing their investigations and had an in depth discussion about their findings. Look out next week for the photos!