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Super selfies and science investigations!

Year 6 have had a great week learning about Darwin's finches and exploring different beaks in science. In art, they have become superheroes with their 'super selfies' drawings!

After completing their science investigation regarding the various beak sizes of the Galapogas finches, the children concluded that the tweezers (the long thinner beaks) were best suited for picking up smaller food and the stones (representing short fat beaks) were able to pick up larger, more substantial food.  Check out the photos to see what fun the children had carrying out the experiment.

In art this week, Year 6 have been drawing 'super-selfies'! They thought about what their superpower would be if they were a superhero and ideas included: having super strength, super speed, telepathy and even fire manipulation! After that, they created their superhero pose using the wooden mannequins and sketched themselves, being careful to use the same proportions.  Please see some of the outcomes attached below. Miss Hearne and Mrs Carter have been very impressed with the children's work so far.


Next week, year 6 will be working on the background for their super-selfie artwork!