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Zoolab comes to Year 6!

We were so pleased that all the children were able to experience the Zoolab workshop on Wednesday. Our Young Voices singers even managed to squeeze it in before they headed off to Birmingham for their amazing experience. 

 Lottie was the most amazing facilitator. Her enthusiasm really shone through and the children were able to make the most of their hour-long workshop which linked nicely with our current topic of Evolution and Inheritance.  The children learnt how evolution has happened for as long as the Earth has existed and is an incredibly slow process.  They were introduced to a range of different animals such as Bullseye, the Giant African land snail; Darth Vader, a 2-year-old scorpion; Princess Peach, a corn snake and Sooty and Sweep, some gerbils.  They learnt lots of fun facts about how these animals have adapted to survive in their environment. 

Did you know? 

  • Gerbils can drop their tail to escape predators. 
  • Snails are related to the octopus.  They started off life in the sea; it is their slime that nowadays helps them live on land.  
  • Scorpions were the first predators on land.  Their gills turned inwards so they could survive on land.  They look exactly the same as they did 450 million years ago except they are now smaller; they used to be 3m long – the length of a car! 
  • Snake’s mouths open in both directions so they can swallow their food whole.  They don’t need to eat often – only every few weeks or months.