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Books and other things

This week our blog gives you an insight into what the children have been learning about during their English writing and reading lessons which tie in with our topic of Natural vs. Supernatural. You can also check out some of today's wonderful World Book Day costumes below. 

In English this week, the children have been writing police reports based on the short video 'Titanium'. It features a young teenage boy who has special powers and seems to have caused an explosion in his school. Year 6 have been gathering evidence by looking out for key details in the video and piecing together the events to produce a concise police report. They have worked hard to keep their language formal and professional, just like a police officer would in an official report.

In guided reading, the children have been enjoying reading the book 'Clockwork' by Philip Pullman. They have been making predictions as to what mysterious gift Dr Kalmenius will give to clockwork-maker, Karl. Year 6 have also been using their drama skills by taking part in a conscience alley activity based on the question: 'Should Karl put the new figure in the clock?' 

On Friday, we also celebrated World Book Day - there were some fantastic costumes in year 6! We enjoyed celebrating our love of reading by taking part in the 'Secret Reader' activity and completing a range of book-related activities in the afternoon.