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Dancing and Blogging

Are you a leader or a passenger?

This week, Year 6 took part in an Urban Strides workshop, led by fantastic dancer and motivational speaker, Amy. Urban Strides is a street dance company and they travel across the UK, visiting schools and getting young people active.

Each class learned a short choreography led by Amy and she taught them Urban Strides' motto - 'Move More, Feel Fresher, Think Better.' 

One of the most challenging tasks was to get the whole class into the shape of a number! Amy recognised that some children were immediately 'leaders' and others were 'passengers'. She talked about how it can be useful to be a leader sometimes and follow others at other times. Year 6 had great fun and they loved learning the different steps.


Year 6 have also enjoyed learning how to be respectful online while working collaboratively to share their thoughts and opinions of a topic of their choice linked to school.  The range of topics chosen was vast, including residentials, whether students should have to wear school uniform, religion and discussing year 6 sports.  Children wrote notes, took photos, drew pictures and took videos which they uploaded to their own class blog.  They enjoyed being able to view their peers' posts and commenting on the work completed.  We hope to be able to share the blog details with you soon.