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Celebration Time!

After a tough week, concentrating on their SATs tests, the year six children were overjoyed when the final maths papers were collected in on Thursday morning and it was time for some fun!

We couldn't have been any luckier when the sun shone enough for us to get the children outside for some extended playtime, the final cups of squash were served and the last biscuit eaten. Soon it was time to get changed and head down to the hall for an absolutely fantastic disco. A huge thank you must go to parents Colin and Lucy who picked the right tunes to guarantee an afternoon of dancing and singing. It was just what everyone needed.

Friday morning dawned bright and sunny again and we took all the children down to the Teardrop Lakes where the Parks Trust provided workshops demonstrating simple survival techniques and team games. While two classes enjoyed these, the rest of the year group had the chance to play and be outside together and after a quick lunch back at school, we headed back down to Knowlhill to swap over and give HB15 & HB16 the opportunity to take part in the workshops too.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the children for their outstanding behaviour and resilience during the week. We know how hard they have worked and are extremely proud of the positive way they approached the tests. We have an exciting programme of lessons and practical activities for them to enjoy over the next weeks which will help them to look forward to the future.