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Year 6 STEM week

This week, year six children have been honing their computing skills in our immersive STEM week. We have been able to make use of the laptops to learn how to program the micro:bits to perform a variety of functions. 

Using Microsoft MakeCode, the children first of all learned how the micro:bits work and how to use the MakeCode blocks to make a program which would allow the micro:bit to show a picture or word. Over the following days, we learned about the different inputs on the micro:bits, conditional statements, flow diagrams and algorithms, using all these to increase our knowledge. This led to a task which the children completed in pairs: to build a program which would turn the micro:bit into a step counter. 

I know that all the children have learned something this week. We have seen some amazing skills at work and we hope that some of our pupils will go on to be the coding geniuses of the future!