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Clubs Summer Term 2021

We are delighted to re-introduce our clubs this term. In order to comply with government C-19 recommendations, we are offering extra-curricular activities after school only and in year group bubbles.

After school clubs will run 3:15-3:45pm


Year Group



No. of spaces available

Where to meet

Monday 3 Circus skills Miss Thomas
& visitor David
30 HB1
  3 Aerobics Mrs Wilmshurst 30 HB2
  5 Netball Mrs Mahoney 14 5x
  6 Boys football Mr Sullivan 30 6x
  6 Girls football Mrs Lai-kit 30 HB13
Tuesday 3 Mixed football Mrs Carter 30 HB3
  4 Athletics Mrs Newman 30 HB7
  4 Outdoor crafts Mrs Solloway 30 HB8
  5 Fitness Mrs Woodards 30 HB12
  6 Rounders Mrs Laverick 30 HB14
Wednesday 4 Rounders Mrs Nicholls 20 HB6
  5 Rounders Mrs Owen 20 HB9
Thursday 3 Teddy bear's picnic Miss Fennessy 20 Y3 shared area
Friday 5 Cricket Mr Taylor 30 HB11