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Junior Librarians

Junior librarians (led by Mrs Laverick) 

Mrs Laverick:

Children in year 6 may apply to be a junior librarian. We help run the lunchtime library slots, issue and return books and help you find what you are looking for. We support reading events in school and promote reading. 

We will also be reviewing new books to let you know what we think. This group of children need only meet once per half term. There is no weekly meeting for them. 



Meet our newly elected junior librarians:

Autumn term update:

This term, our Junior Librarians have done a fabulous job. They each have two duties during the week. Whilst in the library they monitor the use of the computer, tidy the bookshelves, find missing books, mend damaged books, help other children to find good books to read and generally make sure that there is a peaceful environment for children to be in at break and lunchtimes. The library is always tidy and inviting when they finish their duty and they work hard to have it ready for classes visiting during lesson times. Next term, they will be working alongside staff to set up a recommendation box of books which will be available and relevant to all children across school. They will also be involved in helping to compile a list of new book to be purchased and put into the library.

Spring term update:

[Coming soon!]

Summer term update:

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Autumn term update:

Although the librarians have not been able to begin their roles due to the temporary re-closure of the school library, some of our librarians supported with our new virtual tour of Loughton School video which was released just after the Christmas holidays.

Spring term update:

The junior librarians were all really excited when we could re-open the library and they could get to work properly. All of the team have worked really hard and taken their responsibilities very seriously. They have been working hard this term to create displays, keep the library tidy, promote new books, help other children to select and borrow books and have been on duty in the library during break and lunchtimes. They are doing a fabulous job!

Summer term update:

The junior librarians have taken their responsibilities very seriously this year and have been committed to giving up their break and lunchtimes to keep the library tidy, help children find and select books and make the library an inviting and comfortable area. Recently, we have bought a lot of new books and they have worked hard to sort and cover these ready to be put on the shelves. They have however, made us particularly proud when launching these new books to all of the children throughout school when they have spoken to classes and showcased the new books. Well done to all of the librarians this year!