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LS News

Please click the links below to see copies of LS News!
Written by the children - for the children.

LS News is led by Mrs Styles.

Our LS News representatives are:


HB1 Lauren
HB2 (No applicants)
HB3 Ben
HB4 Stuthi
HB5 Gauri (vice: Patricia)
HB6 Lohita
HB7 Eden
HB8 Ben
HB9 Natalie
HB10 Becca (vice: Alexandra)
HB11 Akshara
HB12 Lennon
HB13 Violet
HB14 Akanksha
HB15 Keira
HB16 Lucas

 Autumn term update:

The LS News Team have been working very hard getting to grips with technology and understanding what it means to write for a school newspaper. Some children have started articles and puzzles but need a little more support before they are ready to go into the paper and these will roll-over for the next issue. Well done to all of our intrepid reporters, who have done so well in making this issue fun-filled and fact-packed. We hope you enjoy it.

We are sending the latest LS News (edition 27) out to all via ParentMail as well as you being able to download it from the attachment below. As always, if your child has had an article published they will receive a free printed copy of LS News.

Spring term update:

Our news reporters have now started writing articles to submit for the next edition of LS News which we aim to be published at the end of this term.