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Medical and First Aid

The school has a dedicated and fully qualified First Aider, Mrs Debbie Farmer, who is available throughout the school day.

The medical co-ordinator manages all health and medicine arrangements. Parents/carers who wish for their child to receive any prescribed medicines should complete the necessary form (available at Reception or on our website) giving precise instructions. The medicine must be in the original container and clearly labelled with the child’s name.  All medicines are kept in the medical room during the school day.

Occasionally, children become ill or have an accident at school.  Where this is deemed serious, we contact you or a nominated person by telephone, either to inform you or for you to collect your child as soon as possible (Please remember to inform us when there are any changes to your contact numbers). Should a child require medical attention, and we cannot contact you, we will take them to hospital and continue to try and contact the parent/carer. For all injuries that give us concerns, including all knocks to the head, parents/carers will be contacted by telephone. Your child will also be given a wristband, and you will be notified by email sent via ParentMail.  Please find our policies here.


If your child suffers from asthma, please fill in a Parental Agreement for School to Administer Medicine Form (see document below) and we will be able to provide appropriate support for your child.


Please let us know if your child has a dental or medical appointment, and show evidence of the appointment when you come to pick your child up.  When you come to school to pick your child up, please sign them out at the reception and sign them back in on their return. You can report a dental or medical appointment by either calling the reception number or sending through an email.