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Parent curriculum workshops

At Loughton School, we recognise that children’s education is an ongoing partnership between home and school. Parents are their children’s first educators and together we can share in the educational development of each child and build a secure and happy environment in which learning flourishes. Close contact with all of our families is crucial for our children to achieve personal and academic success.

  • Research continues to inform that when schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.
  • Students with involved parents get higher ‘scores’, enroll in higher-level programs and have good attendance, stronger social skills and better behaviour.

Therefore, we aim to invite parents to join us for our curriculum workshops during the school year. All workshops are FREE and specifically designed to support pupil learning.  We firmly believe that it is the best interest of our children that we share with you the knowledge and skills of how we teach as this will ultimately benefit pupil learning. We always upload our presentations for parents who cannot make these.

2023-2024 workshops:

  • Curriculum workshop: 6-7pm on Thursday 21 September
    This evening was designed so that parents can find out more about how the curriculum is delivered at Loughton School. Parents were invited to book their space at 1 core subject area and 1 foundation subject area to find out more about our vision for these curriculum areas at Loughton School. They were shown what the children will be learning about in this subject area and referred to our termly curriculum webs. Parents were also shown what a typical year 3 and year 6 lesson may look like to show progression and our assessment systems were discussed. Resources were shared, books were shown and teacher's also answered questions and queries about how parents can support further at home.
  • Year 6 SATs information evening (Y6 only): 6-7pm on Thursday 18 January
    The SATs information evening was designed to inform parents what they need to know about the upcoming end of KS2 assessments and to ask any questions they have. We also shared some suggested revision materials which you can order to support your child and about our plans to offer the children breakfast during SATs week.

If you were unable to attend but would like to see the presentations which were shared during our curriculum information evening or SATs information evening, please have a look at the attachments below.