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Pupil Premium

What is pupil premium?

Please see our statement here.

Do schools have to spend the additional funding they are getting on the individual child?

This is additional funding given to schools to improve the educational and personal outcomes for pupils who have been identified as eligible for pupil premium.  It is not intended that the additional funding should be used to back-fill the general school budget, nor is it the policy intention that the funding be used to support other groups of pupils, such as those with special educational needs or who are low-attaining.  Quite often, however, this money does also benefit other groups of children as a result – such as by reducing class sizes and by employing additional staff.

Parents should note that the funding is not ring-fenced and is not for individual children. Therefore it is for the school to decide how to spend the money and they are not obliged to spend a specific amount on the particular eligible child.  Some schools will choose to spend this on individual children to meet particular needs and difficulties, other schools will pool money together to develop projects or gain training.  The attachments below summarise how we have spent our pupil premium funding in recent years.

What is the role of parents or carers?

This funding is not provided automatically, it can only be provided if you, the parents/carers go online and check to see if your child is eligible.  If you would like to check your eligibility then please visit the citizens portal

All you will need is your date of birth and national insurance number.  For every successful application in the academic year 2018-19, parents will receive a smart new Loughton book bag and PE bag for their child to use.  We do hope you will take the time to check and if you’re still unsure about how to do this and would like some help, please contact the office staff who will be pleased to help.

Review of Provision

Our last external review of pupil premium was carried out by 2 senior leaders from local schools within our ‘School’s Partnership Program’ on November 2018. Their report was shared with staff and governors and we are currently working on the suggestions given to further improve outcomes for this group of pupils.

Our next pupil premium strategy review meeting to take place during the academic year 2019-20.

Outcomes for PP children will be reviewed after our SATs results this year to decide whether this will be an internal or external review.