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Home school reading

This academic year, we have simplified how we will be monitoring reading at home. Your child will have their own Loughton School reading journals titled, ‘A Record of my Reading.’ These journals will look slightly different in years 3 and 4 than they will in years 5 and 6. Each time your child reads at home 4 times a week or more they will earn a raffle ticket in the class jar. Please look at the 'reading raffle tickets' tab on the right hand side of this page for more information about this.

Please continue to encourage your child with reading at home. If you have any questions, please speak with your child’s class teacher in the first instance or see one of our reading champions.

This year we have also launched an author of the month for a family read. Please see the 'author of the month family read' tab ont he right hand side of this page for more information.

Look out for the upcoming reading challenges that will also be launched soon.

Parents’ reading evening

Helping your child to read and understand the text can be challenging.  As parents, you are your child's most influential teacher with an important part to play in helping your child to learn to read and then to carry on that love of reading for life! If you have any questions about reading please speak with your child’s class teacher in the first instance.

Our 2019-20 reading parents' workshop was held on 27th November.

Reading At Loughton

Click here to view some useful information from a previous parents' curriculum evening.

Some useful Information Booklets:

How to support your child’s reading - government advice

How to Support Your Child's Reading

Reading roads - book ideas by genre