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Loughton School

Loughton School

Romeo and Juliet 2016

In September 2016 we auditioned and cast for our new production as part of the Shakespeare in School Festival, Romeo and Juliet. More photos appear here.

The children worked tirelessly at long weekly rehearsals to learnt the staging of the play, and spent much of their free time learning lines and gathering costumes.

In mid-October the cast spent half a day at Stantonbury Theatre with another local school, trying out the stage and working on key scenes.

By the first week of November we felt the play was coming together, adding sound and light effects to enhance the play.

On 10th November we set off Stantonbury straight after lunch.

On arriving, we ran a technical rehearsal to check the sound and light cues, and then our dress rehearsal to our first audience, from Two Mile Ash School. We then watched TMA rehearse for The Tempest.

After some calming games and a pep talk from our directors, we had our packed tea, and then met with our two secondary schools who would be watching us that night. It was great to see Denbigh (performing Henry V) and recognise people who had been in Hamlet last year, as well as new friends from Ousedale (Macbeth).

Finally, we found out we were first on.

The performance went amazingly well, with no mistakes. Some of the children from Ousedale, as well as lots of the rest of the audience, were in tears at the end. Some of us said it felt like a dream, and it was a marvellous experience.

We then watched the two secondary schools, before all four schools came onto the stage for the Festival Director to tell us his thoughts and give us notes.

A few days later we ran a performance for our friends and teachers in school - we think we were more nervous about this than at Stantonbury!

Many thanks go to Miss Serginson, Mrs Hazlewood and Mrs Gray for helping us on the day, Mrs Vernon, Miss Serginson and Mrs Hazelwood for our rehearsals, and Mr George for letting us have the opportunity to take part in a wonderful event.

Macbeth next year.....?

Children's Comments

‘I liked it when they did the fake kissing because it was funny.’ – Harry

‘I liked it at the start when they were about to battle but then it suddenly stopped.’ – Jyoti

‘I really liked the music because it was emotional.’ – Summer and Tiana

‘I liked it when they were dancing at the party.’ – Dallas

‘I liked how Juliet said her lines because it had a lot of emotion in it.’ – Lara

‘I liked it when they said, ‘Unfortunately, the servant can’t read.’ – Sanvi


Staff Comments

"I can't believe how professional they were"

"Absolutely amazing"

"Wonderful perfomances from all our children"

"I was in tears at the tragedy and wonderful pathos the children created"

"Can we do it again next year?"


Mr George says:

"I am again humbled and overwhelmed by the enormity of the achievement of these 9,10 and 11 year olds. Many professional companies would be envious of the quality of the children's work, and I want to thank each and every one of them for putting their hearts, thoughts and whole selves into making this a success. Thank you Romeo and Juliet cast, you have made my year."