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Who's Who


Our Senior Leadership Team are:

Rebekah Green

Ellie Frost
Deputy Headteacher


Charlie McNeaney
Assistant Headteacher (Academic)

Nana Brago
Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)

Our teacher in charge of SEND:  Caroline Ramsden

Our class teachers are:

Year 3  
HB1 Charlie McNeaney (Year leader) & Emily Thomas
HB2 Boppy Wilmshurst
HB3 Hannah Carter
HB4 Sarah Taylor & Lizzie Sanderson
Year 4  
HB5 Sarah Hawkes
HB6 Rox King
HB7 Dee Newman (Year leader)
HB8 Helen Abbott & Kayleigh Rodgie
Year 5  
HB9 Ben Whyman
HB10 Sam Ruggles (Year leader)
HB11 Kevin Taylor
HB12 Lizzie Woodards
Year 6  
HB13 Nana Brago (Year leader) & Kate Lai-Kit
HB14 Jacqui Laverick
HB15 Cathy Higgins & Charlotte Brown
HB16 Jane Solloway

Our Higher Level Teaching Assistants are:

Maths support Alex Cirigottis
Maths support Jo Gray
Art Debbie Carter
PE and games Joe Sullivan
Languages Luke Hodgson
Music, drama & dance Bianca Vernon
Art (Y3) & English support Jane Nabbs

Our support staff are:

Pastoral staff

Emma Churchman (family support worker)

Kelly Gordge (family support worker)

Sarah Gates (medical)

Supervision Cover Teaching Assistants

Cath McPherson

Heather Garner (am)

Monica Maughan (pm)

Senior Teaching Assistants

Ann Darvill

Annette Furniss

Nicola Read

Learning Support Assistants

Nikita Blackburn

Vicki Brownlow

Sarah Collins

Janet Cooper

Kirsty Coppins

Sam Daubermann

Claire Day

Mandy Devlin

Dawn Dillon

Gary Foster

Dada Loe

Sharmi Pandy

Lauren Ross

Rebecca Ruggles

Helen Slorach

Rebecca Styles

To find out more about our wider staff team including the wrap-around staff, premises and cleaning staff, office staff and mid-day supervisors, please see our staffing structure below.