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Who's Who

Please click below for our latest staff and governors lists


Our Senior Leadership Team for 2019-2020 are:

Mrs Rebekah Green Miss Ellie Frost Miss Nana Brago Mrs Charlie McNeaney


Deputy Headteacher

Pastoral Champion

Academic Champion

Our class teachers for 2019-20 are:

Year 3  
HB1 Charlie McNeaney (Year leader)
HB2 Boppy Wilmshurst & Nadina Murray
HB3 Dee Newman
HB4 Lewis Woodham
Year 4  
HB5 Caroline Ramsden & Lizzie Sanderson
HB6 Rox King
HB7 Dale Drewe (Year leader)
HB8 Helen Abbott & Kayleigh Rodgie
Year 5  
HB9 Natasha Vaike
HB10 Sam Ruggles (Year leader)
HB11 Kevin Taylor
HB12 Lizzie Woodards
Year 6  
HB13 Nana Brago (Year leader)
HB14 Jacqui Laverick
HB15 Cathy Higgins & Bernadette Gill
HB16 Jane Solloway